Shiv Shakti Puja | Book Shiv Shakti Puja Online Puja
Shiv Shakti Puja | Book Shiv Shakti Puja Online Puja

Shiv Shakti Puja

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Shiv Shakti Puja

Shiv Shakti Puja is mainly dedicated to God Shiva and Goddess Shakti.  As per vedas Shiva is universal consciousness and Shakti is divine universal energy and by worshipping both of them, you may please two fundamental forces of this universe.

As per hindu mythology and Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful Diety and is also known by many other names like Mahadev, Devo ke Dev, Maha Mritunjay. Lord Shiva is responsible for the destruction and recreation of the Universe but it in fact , worshipping to Lord Shiva leads to the Destruction of all kinds of Negative forces, Evil Energies, Miseries and Hardships of life and the worshipper is able to lead a life full of Peace & Prosperity, Health , Wealth and Happiness.

Goddess Parvati, who is the consort of Lord Shiva is the incarnation of mother nature also known as Shakti and a combination of Bhagwan Shiv and Goddess Shakti is responsible for the creation of each and every particle of Universe. Goddess Parvati has taken various incarnations in the form of Nav Durga and Dus Mahavidya and praying to Goddess Parvati brings Peace, Prosperity and Longevity of life in family.

By worshipping Shiv Shakti, a person gets combined blessings of Bhagwan Shiv and Goddess Shakti which bestows all round Peace, Prosperity & Happiness, Protection from all kinds of miseries and negative forces as well as attainment of high levels of spiritual consciousness even while involved in worldly affairs.

Shiv Shakti Puja is also very effective in bringing harmony, deep love and affection between husband and wife.

Shiv Shakti Puja unites male and female energies of the universe and hence channelizes your life in the most constructive and positive manner.

Puja Procedure of Shiv Shakti Puja:

  1. Swasti Vachan,
  2. Shanti Path,
  3. Sankalp,
  4. Ganesh Sthapana,
  5. Kalash Sthapan,
  6. Lakshmi Sthapan,
  7. Shiva Shakti Sthapan,
  8. Navgarh Sthapan,
  9. Brahma Sthapan,
  10. Agni Sthapan,
  11. Invocation of all Gods and Goddesses,
  12. Navgrah Mantra Japa (1 mala for each planet),
  13. Recitation of Shiva Shakti Mantra,
  14. Shiv Shakti Puja,
  15. Homam with Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Til, Ashtagandh, Sandalwood Powder,
  16. Navgrah Samidha and then Purnahuti,
  17. Aarti, Prasad to Brahmins.

Benefits of Shiv Shakti Puja:

  • Protects from negative influences of Shani
  • Keep away from major diseases and improve overall health
  • Helps you to be more ambitious and achieve professional success.
  • Brings harmony to your marriage and your family life.
  • Gives courage to face the various difficulties of life.
  • Helps to gain Moksha or Salvation after death.
  • You will get divine grace and blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.
  • You will get peaceful mind and spirit and positivity
  • For good health, harmony, success and fulfillment of desires
  • For Shanti of all malefic planets negative impacts.

Shiv Shakti Mantra:

“ Karpur Gauram Karunavataram, Sansara Saram Bhujagendra Haram

Sada Vasantam Hridayaravinde Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami”.

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