Godh Bharai Puja in Gurgaon | Baby Shower | Book Godh Bharai Puja in Gurgaon | Baby Shower Online Puja
Godh Bharai Puja in Gurgaon | Baby Shower | Book Godh Bharai Puja in Gurgaon | Baby Shower Online Puja

Godh Bharai Puja in Gurgaon | Baby Shower

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Godh Bharai Puja in Gurgaon | Baby Shower

In India it is a tradition to hold a Godh Bharai ceremony in Hindus, basically, on two occasions.

One is before a wedding and the second is in the seventh month of pregnancy of an expectant lady.

Godh Bharai Ki Rasm is a ritual which is followed by Hindu in North India. This ritual is performed before marriage. In this the brother of the groom use to put various stuffs (Jewellery, Clothes, Fruits, etc) in the bride’s lap.

There is a particular ceremony in most of the Indian marriages where the groom’s female relatives perform the ceremony called the “God Bharai Rasam” for the bride.

The Godh Bharai ceremony is a function where the woman of the groom’s family mutually accepts the bride into their family. This is known as the important function in Hinduism because of its different features that include different values which have great significance in humanity. The bride is generally adorned with gifts of jewelry, given makeup, shoes, and pretty much anything that seems feminine and attractive! After the gift-giving is the feeding. Women today generally try to shed some pounds before the wedding but in case, small quantities of sweets or mithai are completely accepted. In this function, the groom gets to enjoy himself on the day of the Tilak. This is also one of the initial ceremony for proceeding the marriage. 

The date and time are fixed by parties of both the bride and groom. Another way of celebrating Godh Bharai rasam is in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Baby shower is a ritual performed during pregnancy. In this, the child is welcomed and greetings and blessings are given to the pregnant woman.

Some people perform this ritual on the completion of 7 months of pregnancy and some people perform this ritual after the completion of 8 months.

Why God Bharai Puja is done:

When the news of the baby coming into the house comes, the whole family gets excited. Everyone eagerly awaits the visiting guests. During this time the mother is advised to take care of them and their child. There are some traditions in Hinduism from the birth of a child, one of them is Godbharai. This tradition has been going on since ancient times.

Scientific Reason behind God Bharai:

Dry fruits are added to the pregnant woman's lap during the ceremony of conceiving, you will all know that if the baby growing in a grub needs to take more protein then dry fruits are very good for them. This provides all kinds of nutrients to the child. Consumption of fruits along with dry fruits is very good for the pregnant woman. Therefore, fruits are also given to the pregnant woman in this ritual. So that both mother and child will be healthy due to its consumption.

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