Annaprashan Puja | Book Annaprashan Puja Online Puja
Annaprashan Puja | Book Annaprashan Puja Online Puja

Annaprashan Puja

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Annaprashan Puja

Annaprashan is a Sanskrit word which means “Grain initiation”.  Annaprashan means the beginning of the intake of food in the baby’s life.

The term annaprashan literally means “food feeding” or “eating of food”.

Among all the ceremonies in India one of the famous ceremonies is Annaprashan puja. This puja is for babies. For feeding the infant for the first time.

Annaprashan is a popular custom among Hindus.  Annaprashan is performed across India.

It is known as Mukhebaat in West Bengal, Choroonu in Kerala, and Bhaat Khulai in the Garhwal hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Why Annaprashan Puja is Done ?

Annaprashan is done when your baby is ready to make the transition from a liquid diet to solids.

When Annaprashan Puja can be done ?

It can be performed anytime from six months until before his first birthday.

Annaprashan is performed during the even months for boys, generally in the child’s sixth or the eighth month.

For girls, it is performed during the odd months, usually the child’s fifth or the seventh month. The ceremony signifies the next step in the growth of a baby.

Where to perform Annaprashan:

Annaprashan was initially conducted at home. However these days people prefer to rent a venue like a banquet or a party hall for the ritual. Annaprashan can also be performed at a temple to obtain the blessings of the family deity. It lasts for one day but can be extended to two if the parents wish to have a more elaborate celebration with fun and games.

How to perform Annaprashan Vidhi ?

Annaprashan is performed by bua or mama of the baby. On this auspicious day Kheer is made and it is served in Silverplate or bowl.

The Annaprashan ceremony procedure starts with the baby being seated on their Mama or Bua’s lap, who is supposed to give them their first solid bite.

After the baby eats the initial serving, other family members feed him more food and shower him with gifts.

Finally, the Annprashan vidhi is performed. Items such as soil, gold jewelry, pens, books, and food are placed in front of the baby, who is required to choose one of them. Their choice is meant to symbolize their path in the future.

How choice of the child decide his/her future during annaprshan puja ?

According to custom, the choice of the child is considered a symbol of his future.

  • If the child chooses gold jewelry, it is believed that he will become Rich in the future.
  • If the child chooses a pen, it means that he will be intelligent.
  • It is assumed that the child will be knowledgeable when choosing a book.
  • If he chooses soil, it means he is lucky in terms of property.
  • And if the child has chosen food, it is believed that he will be a sympathetic person and a donor.

Precautions to take during annaprashan puja :

Some precautions to keep in mind during Annaprashan, during this ceremony, the child is very small, so it is necessary to take some precautions while introducing the child to solid food, let us know;

  • It is not compulsory if the child does not want to eat Kheer, you can also mash and feed your child plain rice.
  • The baby's food should be cooked through the right process and in a healthy environment so that the child remains healthy.
  • Discuss with the doctor for information on safe foods for the child.

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