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Marriage Puja | Book Marriage Puja Online Puja

Marriage Puja

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Marriage Puja

Marriage is the biggest ceremony in everyone's life and marriage puja is one of the most important events in one’s life.

Marriage Puja signifies the transitional state from Brahmacharya ashram to Grihasth ashram.

Marriage is a harmonious bond that is made out of love, faith and companionship. Indian marriages are called as the most sacred of all religions.

Marriages, according to Hindu beliefs are made in heaven, and once you are married, the bond is supposed to last for seven lifetimes. It is considered to be a turning point in an individual’s life as he enters the second important phase or ashram of his life- the Grihasthashram.

A traditional Hindu wedding involves a series of extravagant rituals and wedding events that are both enjoyable and hold great significance and meaning before the big day. The marriage by Hindu Culture is not just a union between the bride and groom, but a union between families.

How to Perform Marriage Puja:

Dwaar Puja:

Dwaar Puja in Hindu community is done for welcoming Groom and his family members and friends. Auspicious materials are carried along for good luck. The prospective Bride’s mother perform a welcoming ceremony and will playfully try to grab his nose. This tradition reminds the groom that he has come rubbing his nose at their door asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage. The ceremony signifies an attempt to drive away evil spirits. The groom then approaches the marriage altar.

Ganesh Puja:

Ganesh Puja is one of the important pooja in all Indian ceremonies. All auspicious ceremonies begin with a prayer to Lord Ganesh requesting him to remove all the obstacles from a persons life and to remove all the obstacles which may arise during the ceremony. Ganesh Puja is done for seeking blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Kalash Puja and Prayer to Lord Varuna:

Kalash Puja is performed to Varuna, Lord of water, to purify the premises.

The Kalash is a symbol of respect to Gods witnessing the wedding ceremony.

Navgrah Puja:

The pandit will request all the planets, Gods, and Goddesses to bless the couple with dignity and for giving their blessings to both groom and bride.

Gauri-Shankar Puja:

Marriage related worship, Gauri Shankar puja is one of the important puja which is done for seeking blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Var Puja:

In Var Puja Brides parents pay respect to Groom by washing his feet with milk and honey.

Kanyadaan Puja:

Kanya daan is the top most daan in Hindu Mythology. In this Brides father gives the hand of bride in grooms hand. This puja shows that now the Brides belongs to Groom. Bride’s father requests Groom’s father to accept his daughter into their family. The bond is tied between the two families for seven generations.

Along with all the rituals performing the puja. The marriage puja ends.

Now both the Groom and the Bride take ashirwaad from the elders for their happy married life.

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