Rudra Abhishek: A holy bath for Lord Shiva

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Lord Shiva is also known as Rudra and the Rudrabhishek is the ritual bath of Shiv Lingam. It is one of the most significant and popular ceremonies to please Lord Shiva and is seen as the greatest spiritual puja in all the vedic scriptures. Performing the Puja bestows one with health, wealth and happiness and offers protection from enemy, hurdles and negativity etc.

Why Lord Shiva is called Rudra?
The term “Rudra” is used amply in the Vedas. Rudra means tempest or a violent storm. Rudra fouses on the destructive nature of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is both gentle and aggressive. He is both forgiving and merciless. He is everything. He is the beginning and he himself is the end. This is how his devotees perceive him.
Some philosophical and spiritual experts believe that Lord Shiva is called Rudra because of the Rudra Tandav Dance. It is believed that a robust, fearless and enlarge Shiva performs the Rudra Tandav Dance in ceremation ground. He was unstoppable and furious.

Rudrabhishek Puja: Rudrabhishek is considered to be the most purest, finest & compelling ritual of Hinduism. Lord Shiva, in the Rudrabhishek puja is worshipped by giving the scared bath along with flowers and other necessary material required in this Puja. Rudrabhishek can be performed on any day according to your ritual & belief. But basically it is mainly performed every year in the month of Shravan. 

The 6 Special types of Rudrabhishek Puja:
Many devotees believe that instead of doing a regular puja or an ordinary puja, if puja is done specially , then there are more chances of receiving love and blessings  from God. Types of Rudrabhishek puja:
1.    Jal Abhishek : According to holy books, if Jalabhishek is done the Lord Shiva rewards with good vridhi and fulfills one’s desires. Vrishti means more water.

2.    Dudh Abhishek : If a devotee pours milk on the Shivlinga and worships him then, it is believed that he gets longetivity as a reward.

3.    Shahad Abhishek : Shahad means honey in English. If a devotee worships the Shivlinga with honey then he can live his life freely and happily. He is freed from all of life’s troubles and misfortunes.

4.    Panchamrit Abhishek : Panchamrit is blended with 5 different elements namely milk, curd, sugar candy, honey and ghee. These 5 elements together form the Panchamrit. They are poured on the shivlinga and Lord Shiva is worshipped. It is believed that the devotee is blessed with wealth and prosperity.

5.    Ghee Abhishek : This prevents any form of illness or physical problems from falling on the devotee.

6.   Dahi Abhishek: This helps a childless couple to have a child.

Benefits of Rudrabhishek:
•    Rudrabhishek brings wealth and harmony.
•    Removes negative energy and purifies the bad karma.
•    Protects from evil and gives strength to deal with difficulties.
•    It can also eliminate the evil effects of various doshas in one’s horoscope such as Rahu dosha, Shrapit dosha etc.
•    This puja also helps in healthy mind and good spirit.
•    It also removes the problems prevailing from long time.
•    The main purpose of this puja is to wash off one’s sins and afflictions.
•    This puja helps in bringing peace and happiness along with family togetherness.
•    Also, it is very beneficial for the people born with the Karka Zodaic Sign

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