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Mangal Path | Book Mangal Path Online Puja

Mangal Path

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Mangal Path

Mangal Path Puja is a ceremonial chanting of mantras dedicated to Lord Mangal, in order to seek his good blessings. Being one of the chief Navagrahs of Hinduism, Mangal’s position on a person horoscope can have either positive or negative effects on his or her life. The Mangal Paath Pooja eliminates most ill effects  of a negatively placed Mangal or Mars in one’s horoscope, and ensures a good future for them.

Mangal Dosh occurs when Mangal graha (planet Mars) is found in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of your horoscope. If it is so, you are Manglik and may face issues like unexpected delays in marriage or disharmony is post marriage life, divorce or death of your spouse. But you need not to worry about these events as there are certain and effective remedies prescribed in Vedic Shastras(scriptures) which nullify this dosha completely. But before that let’s know the stronger qualities of Mars that form your personality.

The planet in as per astrology signifies stronger desires, inspiration, and will-power to undertake risks, self-confidence, ego, and quick actions. It is ruled by Mangal Deva, the celestial god of war as mentioned in the Vedas. It is connected with Aries(Mesha) and Scorpio(Vrishchika). Due to its red color, the planet is regarded as the furious and masculine. It activates fights, competitions and command.

Why to perform Mangal Pooja?

Mangal symbolizes energy and vitality, and it is capable of firing one’s emotions, triggering passions and powering the mental endeavors to their logical end. Hence performing the Mars pooja with belief can invoke the favorable aspects of the planet and provide one with the required constructive energy to achieve meaningful things and progress in life.

Benefits of Mangal Paath Pooja :

Mangal is truly a very aggressive planet, but he can also be a handsome benefactor. Once he gets pleased with worships like Mars pooja, he can bestow people with energy, strength, and courage. This can help people keep their emotions under check, and prevent those from getting the better of them, maintain their body and mind in a healthy condition, strengthen the bonds with siblings, and in case of  women, with husbands, take bold decisions and calculated risks, to their advantage, get opportunities to display their talents; acquire agricultural lands or landed properties, wealth and prosperity; and also get bestowed with providential assistance and good fortune.

When to perform Mangal Pooja:

Tuesday is the weekday ruled by planet Mars, and so, is known as Mangalvar, the weekday of planet Mars. Mars Hora is the duration of about an hour impacted strongly by the planet. Therefore, the Mars Hora times of Tuesdays remain as the preferred choice for performing  Mangal Pooja. Further, this worship can be conducted on any auspicious thithi, the lunar day.

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