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Ganesh Puja | Book Ganesh Puja Online Puja

Ganesh Puja

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Ganesh Puja

God Ganesh is the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. God Ganesh is one of the very popular God in Hindu mythology and was one of the most worshipped. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is a God of wisdom, success and good luck.

Lord Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshippers first acknowledge when visit a temple. Statues of Ganesh can be found in most Indian towns. His image is placed where new houses are to be built; he is honored at the start of a journey or business venture, and poets traditionally invoke him at the start of a book.

God Ganesh: his birth story

One day Goddess Parvati was at home on Mt. Kailash preparing for a bath. As she doesn’t want to be disturbed so she asked Nandi, her husband Lord Shiva’s bull to guard and take care of that no one should enter in house without her permission . Nandi faithfully took his post , intending to carry out Parvati’s wishes. But after some time Lord Shiva came there and naturally wanted to go inside. Nandi could not say anything being loyal to Lord Shiva first. Parvati was very angry to Nandi but in fact she was more angry that no one is loyal to her, as Nandi was to Lord Shiva.

So, taking the turmeric paste from her body and breathing life into it, she created Ganesha, declaring him to be her loyal son.

The next time Parvati wished to bathe, she posted Ganesha on guard duty at the door. In due course, Shiva came home, only to find this strange boy telling him he couldn’t enter his own house. Furious, Lord Shiva ordered his army to destroy the boy, but they all failed! Such power did Ganesh possess, being the son of Devi Herself.

This surprised Bhagwan Shiva seeing that he was no ordinary boy, the usually peaceful Shiva decided he would have to fight him, and his divine fury severed Ganesha head , killing him instantly. When Maa Parvati learned about this , she was so enraged and insulted that she decided to destroy the entire Creation! Lord Brahma, being the Creator, naturally has issues with this, and pleaded that she reconsider her drastic plan. She said she would, but only if two conditions were met, one that Ganesha be brought back to life, and two, that he be forever worshipped  before all other Gods.

Shiva, having cooling down by this time realised his mistake , agreed to Parvati’s conditions. He sent Brahma out with orders to bring back the head of the first creature he crosses that is lying with its head facing North. Brahma soon returned with a head of a strong and powerful elephant, which Shiva placed onto Ganesha’s body. Breathing new life into him, he declared Ganesha to be his own son as well, and gave him the status of being foremost among the Gods, Ganapati.

Ganesh Puja:

Ganesh Puja or Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as birthday God Ganesha in hindu culture. It is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi and can last upto 10 days during the Hindu month of Bhadra, which usually falls between mid-August and mid- September. This is one of the biggest festival celebrated all over India. Ganesh Puja is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

In some parts of India such as Maharastra & Andhra Pradesh this is a ten days festival and is celebrated with lots of happiness. Sweets such as Modak is very famous sweet offered to Lord Ganesh as he liked them a lot.

On the day of the festival, clay idols of Lord Ganesh are placed in home or outdoor in decorated tents for people to view and pay their homage. Priests will then invokes life the idols while mantras are chanted, in a ritual known as “Pranapratishhtha”.

Many of the Ganesh Idols will be placed outside under Bodhi Trees(Sacred Fig). Bodhi Tree is revered as a great source of remedies and is used to treat up to 50 different ailments. It also has a unique ability in that it can produce Oxygen at night time instead of Carbon-di-oxide. These healthy aspects of the tree make it a popular place for people to worship at, as it is seen a great healer to naturally cure illnesses.

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