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Engagement Puja | Book Engagement Puja Online Puja

Engagement Puja

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Engagement Puja

Engagement is the first knot in a couple’s life. The engagement ceremony is the ceremony in which couples exchange rings with each other. It is also commonly known as Ring Ceremony.  This is the first traditional ceremony before marriage where the boy and the girl come in a formal way before their parents.

In Indian culture, engagement is an important ritual before marriage. In which the bride and groom are formally performed face to face and perform engagement puja. The tradition of Engagement Puja in Hinduism has been going on since the Vedic period.

Under this ritual, the groom's family vows to the bride's family that he will accept her daughter and be fully responsible for her well-being in the future. Through this ritual, both families promise to maintain harmony with each other. During this, they also get an opportunity to get familiarize themselves with each other's customs.

The way of celebrating engagement in the various religions and communities of India is almost the same. In some marriages, the engagement ceremony is done a year before, while in some it is done a day or two before. It is also not necessary that in every religious marriage, the bride and groom wear each other's ring, but on the day of engagement, a formal declaration of marriage is made everywhere.

The engagement ceremony in Hinduism is celebrated in every state by a different ritual and process. For this, different words are used in different places like Misri, matchmaking, engagement, blessings, nishchayam etc.

Despite all these being so different, their importance always remains the same. It means that through this, a person dedicates his life to another person (whom he has liked), and dedicates his life to it, and at the same time pledges to honor, surrender, duty and responsibilities towards him.

Engagement Ceremony Process:

  • The Bride’s family welcomes the Grooms family
  • A formal introduction happens between the two families
  • Request by the Groom’s father for the bride’s hand for his son. And the approval of bride’s father.
  • Performing Ganesh Puja and Varun Puja
  • Perform God bharai ritual of the Bride
  • Groom’s mother gives a sari, jewelry with sweets and fruits and a ring to the bride. Bride’s father gives a dress and a ring for the groom.
  • Bride and Groom leave to wear new dresses
  • After their return, Bride’s father and his daughter propose the marriage at the appropriate Muhurt
  • Groom’s father and his son reconfirm the proposal
  • Bride worships for the success of future marriage
  • Bride and Groom exchange the rings
  • Mangal Aarti of the bride and the groom
  • Formal engagement Announcement
  • Ashirwaad ceremony

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