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Bhoomi Puja

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Bhoomi Puja

Bhoomi Puja is a puja performed before constructing a house. Basically, it is a pooja which is offered to Bhu Devi or Dharti Mata before we start digging the plot.

It is said that before doing any new start in life everything should be dedicated to God. So before construction at any land Bhumi pooja is to be done.

India is a diverse country with different cultures and spiritual beliefs. We worship our God in the form of wood and stone, it is believed that God comes as a guest resident when “Pran Pratistha” is done to these statues.

Bhoomi Puja is done for removing all the ill effects or dosh from the land.

We Indians call our country as “Bharat Maa” our land as “Dharti Mata”. We love and respect her as our own Mother and in such a country Bhoomi puja is worth doing. We believe that like us she also feels the pain when the land is being dugout. It is said that if we perform puja in Land than all the negativity from the land destroys. It is believed that after Bhoomi pooja has been done then positivity has been spread all around the land.

Why Bhoomi Puja is Done ?

Bhumi puja is performed to pay respect to our motherly Earth and take her permissions before digging the land. This puja is also performed to please Vastu Purush who is assumed to be the God of Vastu to bless us with positivity and growth. This puja helps in taking his and other God’s blessings ensuring the safety and well being of the people who are going to acquire the land.

Bhoomi Pooja and Havan includes:

  • Ganpati Sthapana
  • Bhoomi Pujan and Sankalpam
  • Navgrah Shanti Pooja
  • Havan

Benefits of doing Bhoomi Puja:

  • It is a priority to seek the blessings of Mother Earth prior to the construction of a building or use of land for cultivation purposes.
  • This ritualistic pooja ensures that the land gets rid of all the ill effects and all negativities.
  • Moreover, the Bhoomi Pooja helps in the smooth completion of work without any hurdles.
  • It also guarantees the well being and happiness of the people ready to reside in the property. In the case of land use for agricultural purposes then it helps to have better yields.
  • Bhoomi puja invokes the Vaastu Purusha who grants his blessings to the worshipper.
  • This pooja purifies the site of construction getting rid of any sort of negativity. It helps to pacify all the corners of the house to be built.

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